Christmas Day


How can an omnipresent God be held is his mother’s arms? How can an all-powerful God be too weak to walk? This is the mystery of the incarnation—that God took on human flesh. We cannot understand how it can be so. But the Spirit enables us to grasp that this incomprehensible truth is very good news. This is the Savior we need! As true man, he was born under God’s law, all the commandments that we have broken. Where we have failed, Jesus was perfect. As true God, when he laid down his perfect life, it was a sacrifice valuable enough to pay for the sins of the world, so that we might be adopted as God’s children.
Christmas Day fills us with wonder—that the Creator God could become flesh and dwell among us and that, in his great love for us, he would do such a thing. Let us marvel at this good news of great joy!


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