Bible Class and Sunday School Coming Soon!

On Sunday, September 12, Pilgrim will again be offering Bible study for all ages.  Children ages 3 through 6th grade are invited to attend Sunday school.  Children will learn Bible history lessons, sing songs, and work on crafts and other activities.  Classes begin at 9:15 and run until 10:15.  At the same time, teens and adults are invited to attend the Bible class that takes place in the church sanctuary.  The classes are discussion oriented.  The first topic that we will dig into is: Christian Vocation.  We will look at all the areas of life where God has called us to serve.  We will learn about all the roles God has given us in life and talk about ways we can better serve God and each other as parents and students and employees, etc.  We encourage you to come and learn and grow in faith together!

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