Give Back

Ways to Give

As a body of believers, we all have different gifts, but the same Lord. There are many ways to use your gifts at Pilgrim. Whether you have a specific skill, are learned in a trade, or just love people, your God-given abilities can serve fellow believers- or even those who don’t yet know Christ. If you aren’t sure how you fit in, fill out our time and talents survey and we can help you!

Serving Others

Get connected with others at Pilgrim by plugging in to help in a variety of ways. You could take meals to someone who can’t leave their home or to a family with a new baby! You could help set up the gym for a church or school event. You can volunteer to help in a classroom or just write encouraging notes. This survey can help connect you with a need at Pilgrim if you would like to help in these ways and more!

So often, people just need other people! Maybe an official volunteer role doesn’t appeal to you, but you want to develop deep friendships and help others by being there for them. Then get involved and meet people by joining a Bible class, a music group or an age or interest related activity. 

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Support Pilgrim's Ministry

Financial gifts are also crucial to our ministry as we support a staff that is committed to Pilgrim’s people and the spreading of Christ’s love.

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