The Answers Class

It can be difficult in today’s world to find honest and truthful answers to some of our most pressing questions.  The goal of this class is to take the student right to the Bible so that they can see for themselves what God says about important topics.  This class is open to anyone seeking to know more about what the Bible teaches, whether they have never been in church before or are a Pilgrim member wanting to refresh what they have learned.  Classes run one hour a week for ten weeks.   

The Lessons

1 – What is wrong with my life?

2 – What has God ever done for me?

3 – Is the Bible reliable?

4 – How do I find God?

5 – How do I get closer to God?

6 – How did the world begin?

7 – How will the world end?

8 – How do I know what God wants me to do?

9 – What does God say about social issues?

10 – Why are there so many churches?  

Interested in Answers?

New sessions starts quarterly. Let Pastor V know if you’re interested in attending.

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