Advent One


Why would the Church Year begin with a gospel reading that describes an event near the very end of Jesus’ life—his entry into Jerusalem at the start of Holy Week? Because the events of Palm Sunday serve as a perfect summary of the entire plan of salvation. It is an odd sight, this man riding into Jerusalem on a baby donkey, to cheers and the celebratory waving of palm branches. Understandably, many asked, “Who is this?” The answer: This is not just a rabbi. This is the King of all Creation. This is God Almighty wrapped in flesh. Yet, he does not enter Jerusalem with all his glory and power on display. The King hides all that and rides into Jerusalem so that he might also be our priest and sacrifice. This is a King unlike any other ruler who has ever lived. For he is infinitely greater than all other kings, while simultaneously being infinitely humbler. This King is willing to trade his golden crown for one made of thorns. This King comes not demanding our service but to serve us. You look at how good, how loving is this King, and you ask that question upon which eternity hinges. “Who is this?” As we march through this new Church Year, the answer becomes crystal clear. This King is the Savior of the nations.


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