Reformation Sunday

Reformation Sunday On Sunday, October 29 we will be celebrating the 506th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. This will be one, joint service at 10:30am in the school gym. Holy Communion will be offered at this special service.  We’ll once again be following Martin Luther’s German Mass and Order of Worship (1526). WELS Hymnal Project director, Rev. Michael Schultz writes, “This service is an adaptation of the same, making use of certain text elements of The Service. It is impossible and impractical to reproduce exactly the service Luther created. The version we will follow enables us to gain a sense of liturgical heritage, however, and to experience an order that established the framework for Lutheran worship to our day.”

What will be different?

  • More singing and choir-led music
  • Most hymns will come from Luther’s time – in text and tune
  • Various instruments will help enhance our worship
  • …and more!

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